Vibrations Analysis

Properly operating equipment produce a vibration signature, our technicians use Vibration Analysis to identify anomalies and to monitor change in that signature.  By monitoring amplitude, intensity, and frequency we can directly correlate our finding to physical phenomena.  We can qualitatively assess the condition and performance of your asset.

Using Vibration Analysis we can identify whether welds or bolts are broken, determine the condition of bearings, and identify whether the air gap between rotor and stator in the motor is non-concentric, identify misaligned rotating components, and how whether equipment is optimally assembled and operating.

Vibration Analysis Capabilities:

  • Reduce equipment down time and maintenance costs by predicting equipment failures
  • Graph overall equipment health over time
  • Identify misalignment, out of balance, mechanical looseness, rolling element failure
  • Reporting can be completed and sent while at your facility.

We are distributors for the GTI product.  Call us to learn more or visit the GTI website.