Laser Alignments

We can reduce your equipment downtime and improve accuracy using our laser alignment tools.  Traditional methods maybe reasonably accurate, but they are very time- consuming.  Our specially trained technicians can save you time an money on your project, while providing more accurate leveling.

Laser Alignment Capabilities:

  • Shaft static plumbness
  • Shaft runout
  • Thrust bearing levelness
  • Thrust bearing corrections

Laser alignment ensures two shafts are in a straight line both vertically and horizontally, extending component life.

Laser alignment benefits:

  • Less wear on rotating equipment components.  Also for all laser alignments
  • Reduced machinery vibration
  • Less power consumption

Tundra uses Pruftechnik’s ROTALIGN® Ultra in combination with INCLINEO® for rapid, high precision leveling.  Call us or visit the Pruftechnik website to learn more.

Pruftechnik Laser Alignment