Field Machining

Our skilled machinists and welders provide on-site machining solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. We are industry experts offering inventive solutions for any on-site machining and refurbishing challenge.   We offer on-site Turning, Milling, drilling, pipe cutting, stud extraction, nut splitting, re-threading, weld preparation, and much more on a wide variety of equipment, including turbines, exchangers, boilers, centrifuges, compressors, piping systems, and more.

Field Machining (On-Site) Capabilities:

  • Lapping & Grinding
  • Tapping & Reaming
  • Turning, Milling, Drilling & Boring
  • Honing & Lapping & Grinding
  • Flange Facing
  • Pipe Cutting & Welding Preparation
  • Balancing & Alignments
  • Assembly & Disassembly
  • QC/QA Reporting